Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to the Free Zone!

For those who are not already familiar with my main website, The Free Zone, this will be the blog counterpart to that site. Here, I will publish my articles on various topics having to do with the New World Order. If you are familiar with the Free Zone website and my weekly Free Zone podcasts, you already know what those topics are.

In addition to the Free Zone website and the Free Zone podcast, I have been writing, as a contributor, for the Proud Political Junkie's Gazette for a while, now, and you can read my earlier articles there, as well hear my podcasts. Henceforth, my articles will appear both here and on PPJG. My objective in that is to increase the circulation for my anti-NWO message.

Having said that, you can expect the same sort of hard-hitting, no-nonsense reportage and commentary that those who are familiar with my website, podcasts and PPJ articles have come to know.

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