Monday, March 9, 2009

Next Free Zone Podcast - March 13th

In the next Free Zone podcast (available at the Free Zone website and at the Proud Political Junkie's Gazette) which is posted every Friday night (or the wee hours of Saturday morning, when I'm running late), I will be covering the topic of the so-called "Terminator Gene."

What is the Terminator Gene, you ask? Basically, it is a bio-engineered gene developed by Monsanto (the same wonderful folks who brought you all sorts of chemicals, including Roundup, and who are patenting genetically engineered seeds that are fast replacing our food supply). The purpose and function of this gene is to literally terminate the regeneration of Monsanto's patented plants - which just so happen to include the corn and other grains and vegetables your family is eating, probably without even knowing it.

Why would Monsanto want to terminate its own plants? Simple. They don't want farmers to be able to continue harvesting new crops without having to buy new "Roundup Ready" seeds from Monsanto.

But, the reasons for the Terminator Gene go far beyond Monsanto's greed - and have a far more sinister effect: the termination of our food supply and, quite possibly, the end of all life on earth.

For more on this, listen to the Free Zone podcast this Friday night (March 13th).

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